We all know that providing structure and consistency is so important for our children’s education. Physical education in particular is vital for getting through this period. 

So that we are not giving up on the skills and competency we have been building on the kids who have come through any of our coaching programmes, we are offering this online resource to you.

This way, your child can pursue their interest in improving their football skills the Modern Legacy way.

Our Online Training Includes: 

  1. Passing technique

  2. Dribbling technique

  3. Receiving technique

  4. Skills zone

  5. Shooting technique

  6. 1 v 1 defending

  7. 1 v 1 attacking

  8. Kids animation yoga classes

  9. Nutrition (eating well habits for kids)

  10. Agility & speed



Having a regular schedule of effective preparation, training and matches is the way to ensure long term success and enjoyment of football.


Our weekly training offers a chance to play with others who are focused on measurable improvement and gaining individual feedback from the experts.


Our weekly training is currently being delivered through our After School Elite (group sessions) and One-on-One (individual sessions) Programmes.

Check out Henry's progress during his One-on-One Sessions this year!






Our football camps are held during school holidays and place emphasis on fun and trying new skills.

We set daily skill challenges, teach games for understanding of tactical and strategic competence and during the winter months, take a break from the rain by playing FIFA!

We love to see new faces at our camps and they are a great starting point for all ages and abilities if your child wants to see what Modern Legacy Coaching is all about.



Are you looking to join the Modern Legacy Team?

We are looking for like-minded individuals who have the desire to always improve their skills and never settle for less than elite.

Send us a CV on wearemodernlegacy@gmail.com.