Get Professional coaching from the Modern Legacy Team⚽


5yrs to 7yrs


5 week term


Starting week commencing Wednesday 1st June to Wednesday 29th June



1. This program will offer your child professional coaching from the Modern Legacy Team, whose qualifications include the UEFA B licence, Master's in Coaching Science, and an ex-professional footballer.


2. The topics covered during this term are:

Long-term athletic development, ball mastery, passing and receiving, dribbling, shooting, defending, 1v1s and much more


3. Our programmes are focused on developing individual players in a group environment. They also emphasise developing confident, exciting young players and most importantly to make them fall & stay in love with the game.


4.Long-term athletic development; Running mechanics, speed & coordination, balance, acceleration & deceleration.



Price : only €49.99 for the 5 weeks.


Wednesday (St Anthony's FC, Kilcoole)

3.00-4pm (5-7yrs)





If you would like any further information, call us on 0852753173 or email

Mini Development Academy